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PowerMark English 110 V + MarkWare
Make Signs and Labels That Command Attention and Get Read. The PowerMark™ Sign and Label Maker is an industrial grade thermal transfer printer, which can produce signs and labels up to 10" wide and with up to 4 print colours. This allows you to create big, bold messages that get noticed! PowerMark™ label maker can operate as a stand-alone unit or connected to your PC using MarkWare™ Facility Identification Software
  • Prints signs and labels 101,6 mm (4") to 254 mm (10") wide
  • Operates as a stand alone unit
  • Pre-programmed with built-in applications
  • Hundreds of resident pictograms, and bar codes, plus 11 operating languages
  • Produce rigid signs & labels using optional laminator
  • PC connection for printing from Markware Facility Identification Software
  • Durable output: excellent water, UV, abrasion and chemical resistance; aggressive adhesive sticks to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Wide range of label colours, materials and sizes
  • Mix and match tapes and ribbons


  • Signs
  • Hazardous waste labels
  • Pipe markers
  • Freeform custom label creation
  • Safety Procedures Wall Charts

BMP71 Label Printer with QWERTY keyboard - UK Version
The BMP™71 – Mobile Label Printer is Brady’s newest high end portable cable and wire label printer. As well as being the ideal cable and wire printing solution for the telecom/datacom and electrical markets, the BMP71 is also perfect for printing health and safety signs and labels in the process industries. The flagship of Brady’s portable printer range, it reinforces the brand image as manufacturers of high performance, industrial and professional products.

The BMP71 is a user friendly printer with a large full colour LCD display, an easy to use menu driven user interface, and a full QWERTY keyboard layout making it quick and easy to create labels using text, symbols and coding.

Telecom/Datacom Labelling Applications

  • Cable & Wire Identification including Self-laminating Labels
  • Patch Panels 
  • Panel Identification
  • Faceplate Identification
  • Tool and Equipment Identification

Electrical Labelling Applications

  • Cable & Wire Identification including Self-laminating Labels
  • Inside and Outside of Electrical Panels 
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Rating Plates
  • Tool and Equipment Identification

General ID Labelling Applications

  • Equipment Identification
  • Bin and Shelf Labels
  • Asset Identification
  • Safety/Directional Identification
  • Lean Identification
  • Secondary Container Identification
  • Calibration Labels                                  

Safety Applications

  • Pipe Marking
  • Safety signage

IDXPERT 2.0 Hand-held Label Printer - ABC Layout
Here is the newest 300 dpi thermal, hand-held labelling system that has everything it takes to make you an Identification Expert! Label patch panels, outlet faceplates and cables. Identify racks, bays, frames, public network and data centres all with one versatile tool. The IDXPERT is the first hand-held cartridge based labelling system that can print die-cut labels, self-laminating labels and sleeves as well as continuous tapes... You name it IDXPERT prints it!

MiniMark + MarkWare (UK)
The Brady MiniMark™ Industrial Label Printer offers an affordable sign and label making system that is compact, fast, and incredibly versatile. -Small / Compact: Mini conveys the compact nature of the machine. Easy to attach to a PC. · Fast: Print speed is faster than any other models in the range. (up to 4" per second). - Versatile: It can print on both Die-cut and continuous labels, increasing the range of applications.
  • Easy Loading - Supplies are easy to load
  • Fast - Prints up to three inches per second
  • Compact - Doesn't take up a lot of space in work areas
  • Lightweight - At 2,2 kg this printer is highly portable
  • UL-Approved Automatic Cutter - Built in auto cutter is UL-Approved for safe operation and helps to minimise material waste
  • WEEE-RoHS Compliant -  The printer and its printing materials are WEEE-RoHS Compliant
  • Status LED - Instant display of printer status with "Ready" and "Power" indicator
  • USB/Parallel/Serial Connection - Dual connectivity, Serial or USB. “Plug and Play” using USB, automatically recognises by your PC makes the MiniMark™ easy to use
  • Ease-of-Use - Printing  signs and labels is fast and easy with Brady Software
  • Ships With Surf on SignsTM  Label & Sign Database Software  - Surf on SignsTM Software allows you to search from thousands of pre-made signs, labels, pipe markers or tags and print what you need directly to your MiniMark printer. Or-customise to fit your exact needs and print with ease!
  • MarkWare Facility Identification Software  (sold separately) takes customisation one step further with ready-to-use templates, symbols and pictogram.  Bar coding and importing graphics and data cannot get any easier!
  • Continuous Tapes & Die Cut Labels - Choose from 7 types of printing materials available in a variety of sizes, formats and up to 12 colours!


  • General ID
  • Equipment ID
  • Racks & Shelving
  • Panel ID
  • Safety labels & signs (text and pictograms)
  • Safety procedures & machine instructions
  • Pipe Marking
  • Hazardous Substances Identification
  • Switchboard identification
  • Asset Management
  • Logistic
  • Barcodes
  • Transport
  • And much, much more!

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