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Alpha Systems
22 Bridgeman Terrace

tel 01942 246306
email info@alphasolutions.co.uk

Alpha Systems are part of
Heron Marketing Services Ltd.
heron marketing

Alpha Systems was established by Catherine Frazer in 1992. Located in a rural area of the edge of the village of Standish in the North West of England, Alpha are ideally placed to provide products and services throughout the UK and beyond, with systems supplied to countries such as the USA, Australia and the Middle East.

Initially specialising in the sales and support of the Brady Instant Signage products, Alpha soon gained a respect as one of the leading suppliers of these products into the chemical and petrochemical industry. Expansion followed in the growing retail sector with growth of large retail shopping centres requiring the facility of instant signage. Alpha soon became the leading supplier of Brady products to shopping centres across the country.

The introduction of hand -held labelling solutions from printer manufacturer, Brother plugged an ever growing gap for smaller instant labelling applications such as equipment marking, laboratories, filling etc. As with the Brady products, Alpha soon became an innovative supplier of these products helping to open new and unexploited markets.

Now as part of Heron Marketing Services Ltd., Alpha Systems continues to supply an ever growing demand for the quality products we supply.